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Islamic Urdu Book Shaheed e Karbala By Mufti Muhammad Shafi r.a in Pdf format. Shaheed e Karbala Uswa e Hussaini Book Pdf Free Download. Shaheed e. Waqia Karbala Aur Is Ka Pasmanzar By Maulana Ateeq Ur Rehman Sambhali Nomani Pdf Free Mushkil Kusha Urdu By Allama Saim Chishti Pdf - ReadingPk . This Android Application Waqia-E-Karbala is about the Story of the Battle of Karbala took place on Muharram The Biggest Battle of Islam between Truth and.

At this point Husayn sent Al-Abbas ibn Ali to ask Ibn Sa'ad to wait until the next morning, so that he and his men could spend the night praying. Ibn Sa'ad agreed to the respite. None of Husayn's men defected and they all remained with him. Husayn and his followers held a vigil and prayed all night. He appointed Zuhayr ibn Qayn to command the right flank of his army, Habib ibn Muzahir to command the left flank and his half-brother Al-Abbas ibn Ali as the standard bearer.

Husayn ibn Ali's companions numbered 32 horsemen and 40 infantrymen. Husayn ibn Ali called the people around him to join him for the sake of God and to defend Muhammad's family. His speech affected Hurr , the commander of the Tamim and Hamdan tribes, who had stopped Husayn from his journey.

شام کربلا، اردو، پرانا ایڈیشن

He abandoned Umar ibn Sa'ad and joined Husayn's small band of followers. Successive assaults resulted in the death of a group of Husayn ibn Ali's companions. A couple of dozen men under the command of Zuhayr ibn Qayn repulsed the initial infantry attack and destroyed the left flank of the Syrian army which in disarray collided with the middle of the army. The Syrian army retreated and broke the pre-war verbal agreement of not using arrows and lances.

This agreement was made in view of the small number of Husayn ibn Ali's companions. Umar ibn Sa'ad on advice of 'Amr ibn al Hajjaj ordered his army not to come out for any duel and to attack Husayn ibn Ali's army together. They were thus able to frighten the enemy's horses. When the horsemen came back to charge at them again, Husayn's men met them with their arrows, killing some of them and wounding others. Are you really instigating people to fight me?!

Are we really the ones who abandoned their creed while you yourself uphold it?! As soon as our souls part from our bodies, you will find out who is most worthy of entering the fire!

Men like Burayr ibn Khudhayr, [65] Muslim ibn Awsaja [61] [66] and Habib ibn Muzahir [67] [68] were slain in the fighting. They were attempting to save Husayn's life by shielding him. Every casualty had a considerable effect on their military strength since they were vastly outnumbered by Yazid I's army.

Husayn's companions were coming, one by one, to say goodbye to him, even in the midst of battle. Almost all of Husayn's companions were killed by the onslaught of arrows or lances. After almost all of Husayn's companions were killed , his relatives asked his permission to fight.

The men of Banu Hashim , the clan of Muhammad and Ali, went out one by one. Ali al-Akbar ibn Husayn , the middle son of Husayn ibn Ali, was the first one of the Hashemite who received permission from his father. There were seventy-two Hashemites dead in all including Husayn ibn Ali. Al-Abbas ibn Ali continued his advance into the heart of ibn Sa'ad's army. He immediately started filling the water skin.

In a gesture of loyalty to his brother and Muhammad's grandson he did not drink any water despite being extremely thirsty. He put the water skin on his right shoulder and started riding back toward their tents. Umar ibn Sa'ad ordered an assault on Al-Abbas ibn Ali saying that if Al-Abbas ibn Ali succeeded in taking water back to his camp, they would not be able to defeat them till the end of time.

An enemy army blocked Al-Abbas' way and surrounded him. He was ambushed from behind a bush and his right arm was cut off. Al-Abbas ibn Ali put the water skin on his left shoulder and continued on his way but his left arm was also cut off. Al-Abbas ibn Ali now held the water skin with his teeth. The army of ibn Sa'ad started shooting arrows at him, one arrow hit the water skin and water poured out of it, now he turned his horse back towards the army and charged towards them but one arrow hit his eyes and someone hit his head with a gurz and he fell off the horse.

In his last moments when Al-Abbas ibn Ali was wiping the blood in his eyes to enable him to see Husayn's face, Al-Abbas ibn Ali said not to take his body back to the camps because he had promised to bring back water but could not and so could not face Bibi Sakinah , the daughter of Husayn ibn Ali. Then he called Husayn "brother" for the first time in his life. He killed everybody that fought him in single battles. Husayn and earlier his son Ali al-Akbar ibn Husayn were the two warriors who penetrated and dispersed the core of ibn Sa'ad's army, a sign of extreme chaos in traditional warfare.

By the afternoon of the tenth day, Husayn was left alone surrounded by the enemy. There were hesitation among the individuals over accepting the responsibility of Husayn's death.

If no religion has ever been accepted by you and you have not been fearing the resurrection day then be noble in your world, that's if you were Arabs as you claim. At this time he was hit on his forehead with a stone. He was cleaning blood from his face while he was hit on the heart with an arrow and he said: "In the name of Allah, and by Allah, and on the religion of the messenger of Allah. You know that they are killing a man that there is son of daughter of a prophet on the earth except him.

At this time Abdullah ibn Hasan, an underage boy, escaped from the tents and ran to Husayn. When a soldier intended to slay Husayn, Abdullah ibn Hasan defended his uncle with his arm, which was cut off. Husayn hugged Abd-Allah, but the boy was already hit by an arrow. According to Shia tradition, a voice came from the skies stating: "We are satisfied with your deeds and sacrifices. He then sat against a tree. Khowali ibn Yazid al-Asbahiy preceded the man but became afraid and did not do it.

Then Shimr bin Thiljoshan dismounted from his horse to do the job. Husayn ibn Ali asked for the permission to do Asr prayers.

Shimir gave the permission to say the prayers and Husayn ibn Ali started prayer and when he went into Sajda, Shimr ibn Dhiljawshan betrayed and said: "I swear by God that I am cutting your head while I know that you are grandson of the Messenger of Allah and the best of the people by father and mother.

Aftermath Following the battle, Umar ibn Sa'ad's army stormed the camp of the family of Husayn, looting any valuables and setting fire to the tents. They captured the family of Husayn and sent Husayn's head and the deceased to ibn Ziyad in Kufa in the afternoon. Subsequently, Husayn's family were moved to the Levant by the forces of Yazid. Ask me.

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I will tell you [who I am]. Zaynab bint Ali then proceeded to give a sermon which according to Turabi is among the three most memorable sermons by the family of the Prophet.

Muharram books urdu pdf

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Khowali ibn Yazid al-Asbahiy preceded the man but became afraid and did not do it. Place in Iraq.

He writes that it is extremely wrong to discredit Hadhrat Hussain ra , and one who does so wastes his faith.

The best way of remembering Karbala as expounded by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad aba , Khalifatul Masih V, in his Friday Sermon of 10th December , is to send Darud, invoking salutations and blessings upon the Holy Prophet saw and his family, and to bring about pure reformation within ourselves. Alihassan November 7, Kashan Awan Kashi October 18, The army started advancing toward Husayn's camp on the afternoon of Muharram 9th.

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