THE LAST JUROR BY JOHN GRISHAM DOUBLEDAY New York London Toronto Auckland Sydney In , one of Mississippi's mo. 1 Do you know any of john Grisham's books, or any of the movies from his juror /'d3ura-/ (n) At important trials there are twelve men and women jurors. 1. This Pin was discovered by Pdf Chaser. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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The Last Juror - Teacher's notes 1 of 3 level 2. Teacher's notes. Teacher Support Programme. About the author. John Grisham was born on February 8, , in. Editorial Reviews. Review. In , small town newspaper The Clanton Times Look inside this book. The Last Juror: A Novel by [Grisham, John]. The Last Juror is a legal thriller novel by John Grisham, first published by Doubleday on .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

In the ensuing years, as the Times becomes highly successful and steadily increases circulation, Willie keeps an eye on Padgitt. He campaigns against the extremely favorable conditions which his family procured for him in prison. However, Padgitt is paroled after nine years. Immediately after his return to Clanton, two of the former jurors are killed by a sniper rifle and fear spreads through the county.

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Callie's children and neighbors organize to guard her day and night. The Padgitt family offers alibis as to Danny's whereabouts during the murders. This is taken with great skepticism, but with no tangible proof to the contrary, the authorities hesitate to take action. Callie reveals that the victims were jurors who voted against sentencing Padgitt to death.

A third juror - who also opposed a death sentence - narrowly escapes a bomb sent through the mail. The resulting public uproar forces the authorities' hands, and a warrant is issued for Padgitt's arrest. Against expectations, Padgitt surrenders to police. During his bail hearing, however, Padgitt is shot and killed by Hooten, who is hiding in the ceiling. Hooten barricades himself in the courthouse tower and, after a short standoff, commits suicide.

It is revealed that Padgitt - though guilty of his original crime - was innocent of the murders.

Willie discovers that Hooten has indeed been involved with Rhoda Kassellaw, and sought revenge against Padgitt and the three jurors who voted against his death sentence. A big newspaper chain, extending operations throughout the South, becomes interested in downloading the Times.

The book ends with Willie writing her obituary.

She is selected for jury duty at the Padgitt trial. She and Traynor share an unlikely friendship. Baggy Suggs - an alcoholic reporter for The Times.

Wiley Meek - photographer for The Times. Danny Padgitt - a member of the notorious Padgitt family. He rapes and murders Rhoda Kassellaw but is given parole after only nine years in prison.

Lucien Wilbanks - defense lawyer for Danny Padgitt. Harry Rex Vonner - a lawyer who befriends Willie, helping him with various legal and moral issues throughout the novel. Sam Ruffin - eighth child of Calia Ruffin. Harry Rex Vonner also appears in the novel The Summons , published in , as an adviser of the protagonist Ray Atlee.

The last juror

Some references in the book are clearly hinting at things known to readers of A Time to Kill. For example, in most blacks in Ford County don't take part in elections - taking for granted that since whites are the great majority in the county, no black candidate would have chance of being elected to local office.

However, as A Time to Kill makes clear, a decade later a black Sheriff would be duly elected, with the overwhelming support of blacks and whites alike.

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The novel is divided into three parts of approximately equal length. The first covers the trial of Danny Padgitt, the second focuses on Willie adjusting to life in Clanton, and the third includes the main events, the murder of the jurors.

DOWNL0AD in [~P.D.F~] The Last Juror (Grisham, John) [F.u.l.l ~Pages~]

In the first person narrator - a year-old college dropout named Willie Traynor - realizes that his dreams of becoming a Pullitzer -winning star reporter for the " New York Times " or " Washington Post " would never come true. However, the aging editor, Wilson Caudle, a WWI veteran, drives the newspaper into bankruptcy through years of neglect and mismanagement.

Soon afterwards, a member of the notorious Padgitt family brutally rapes and kills a young widow, Rhoda Kassellaw. Getting on the front page a photo of the blood-spattered Danny Padgitt being led to detention is a landmark in Willie's efforts to revive The Times' fortunes. Readership increases, but Traynor is accused of "yellow journalism" and pre-judging Padgitt. Soon afterwards, Willie runs prominently an article about Callie Ruffin - a local black woman whose seven children all gained doctorates and teaching positions in various universities.

A worthy human interest story by any standard, in this case it is also the first one ever published about a black person. In the process of researching the story, Willie becomes a close friend of Callie and her family, regularly invited to eat her excellent though a bit fattening Southern Cuisine dishes.

In the process of jury selection for Danny Padgitt's trial, Callie becomes the first ever black person to serve on a Ford County jury. Though far from enthusiastic about the prospect of having to pass a death sentence, Callie - who had been in the forefront of the local Civil Rights struggle - does not shirk this civic duty. In the trial Danny Padgitt is duly found guilty of rape and murder, a witness purporting to provide him an alibi having been discredited by the prosecution.

Before the jury starts deliberations, Danny Padgitt shocks all in the courtroom by openly threatening to kill each and every one of the jurors, should they convict him. But though unanimous on his guilt, the jury is divided on whether to send him to life in prison or to death row , so Padgitt is sentenced to life in prison at the Mississippi State Penitentiary.

In fact, however, "life" is not really a lifelong sentence, especially not to a member of a rich and influential family such as the Padgitts.

Soon afterwards, a prosecution witness who discredited the Padgitts' false alibi is murdered in another county. There is no hint at the killers' identity, and the Sheriff having jurisdiction is clearly disinclined to tangle with the Padgitts.

During the trial there are rumors that the Deputy Prosecutor Hank Hooten had been the lover of the victim, Rhoda Kassellaw - which, if true, would raise an issue of conflict of interest.

But there is no proof available, and in any case Hooten's role in the trial seems marginal; in fact, he never says a word during the entire proceedings. Some years later, Hooten takes a rifle and goes on a wild shooting spree in the center of Clanton. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the shooting.

Hooten, diagnosed as a schizophrenic, is taken off to a mental hospital and the affair is eventually forgotten. In the ensuing years, The Ford County Times becomes highly successful and steadily increases circulation, due mainly to Willie's hard work.

Willie witnesses the coming of school desegregation , which is implemented in Ford County more smoothly than in other parts of the Deep South. Following the death of a local boy in the Vietnam War , Willie publishes a strong anti-war editorial - touching off a fierce debate in the predominantly conservative community, but managing to keep on the paper's rising circulation.

The Last Juror

Meanwhile he keeps an eye on Danny Padgitt, campaigning against extremely favorable prison conditions which his family procured and foiling the Padgitts' first attempt to get him paroled after only eight years behind bars.

Willie gets threats on his life on the phone but discounts them - assuming that even the Padgitts would not dare to assassinate the editor of the town's only paper.

After nine years in prison, Danny Padgitt is finally paroled - as unconfirmed rumor has it, due to a large bribe paid by his family to an influential state senator - and returns to Clanton. Immediately afterwards, two of the former jurors are killed by sniper rifle. The entire county is convinced that Danny is exacting his revenge as promised, and other jurors live in fear.

Callie Ruffin's children arrive from their universities, to stand by their mother, and her neighbors in the black community organize to stand guard day and night. However, Danny Padgitt is hiding out at his criminal family's "island", where in the past Padgitts opened fire on law enforcement officers trying to enter.

The Padgitts offer alibis as to Danny's whereabouts during the two murders. This is taken with great scepticism, given the Padgitts' past record - but with no tangible proof, the authorities hesitate to take action. Callie reveals that the recent victims were exactly among the jurors who were against sentencing Danny to death row.

There is great perplexity as to why he should be targeting exactly these ones, and some theories are offered - none very convincing. Then a third juror - also one of the three who opposed a death sentence - narrowly escapes being blown up by a bomb sent through the mail. The explosion does wound her and three others, due to inexpert handling by a policeman not trained in bomb disposal.Sep 09, J rated it really liked it. The insurance on his life paid off the house and the car.

Plot introduction[ edit ] The story is set in the fictional town of Clanton, Mississippi from to Works by John Grisham.

Deece next door. Other Editions And in much the same way that Willie Traynor got tired of writing and sold the paper, I expect Grisham got tired of writing and before we got to the last juror, Miss Callie died. I can't quite make out what his beliefs are from his books as sometimes he seems to mock religious figures and other times he holds them up as examples

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