Official Spartan Field Manual. HALO (Series). Kiel Phegley Author Kenneth Peters Author (). cover image of Halo--Mortal Dictata. Editorial Reviews. Review. "[HALO: THE COLE PROTOCOL] is one of the best- made audio books in my fairly extensive collection. Jonathan Davis is a very good. The Forerunner SagaKilo-FiveHalo Graphic NovelsHalo Uprising Halo: The Fall of Reach, Halo: The Flood, Halo: First Strike, Halo: Ghosts of Onyx, Halo.

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All HALO novels combined in niticahonu.tk file.. no password. zero virus A gift to all our awesome Page Members niticahonu.tk?dhccacpud1eqycj. Discover ideas about Free Ebooks. HALO: Bad Blood by Matt Forbeck - An original full-length novel set in the Halo universe and based on the New York Times. Rounding out Tor's series of reissues of the original three Halo novels, this newly edited and revised edition of First Strike is a must-have for all Halo fans.

This book is somewhere between a 3 to a 4 when compared to the other Nylund books which are all 5 star ratings.

HALO: Renegades

Please don't take me the wrong way, I just enjoyed one author's writing style much more so it is hard to wipe that out of my memory when trying to rate this book. It is worth reading but it could have been more than what it developed into. Read it for the genre of Sci-Fi and read it for the Halo insights, just don't expect the same consistent quality of storytelling.

Paperback Verified download. I've really taken a liking to the Halo series of books.

It's a lot better story than some of the games out there and reading the books gives you a lot better idea of what the heck is going on in the games. The story covers the execution of the Cole Protocol, the set of rules laid out as an emergancy measure to prevent the Covenant from finding human colonies.

There is legitimiate fear that a single captured civillian ship will provide all the navigational data required to lead the enemy right to Earth's doorstep. While trying to secure the destruction of navigational data behind enemy lines, a team of Spartan soldiers finds an odd cooperation between Jackel and human on the astroids that house the last remnants of the colony's population.

The story is pretty good. It's well written and detailed.

I liked seeing things from the enemy side as well as the colonist side. I also liked that things weren't exactly black and white.

You knew it was wrong for humanity in the grand scheme of things, but you could also see why colonists behaved as they did.

There was also some insight into the Covenant and how unequal the members are. The Grunts are treated like stupid cattle, their breeding restricted, and have little to no say in things. On the other hand, you can see why that's probably a good thing given their intellect and penchence for over breeding. It's just another little minor thing, but it was a really nice touch to give you a chance to weigh the morality. Again, things aren't all black and white.

Despite their responsiblity for the colony's destruction, you find yourself hoping things will work out for the little guys.

All in all, this is one of the better Halo books I've read. If you like any scifi novels based on computer games then you should give this one a try.

It's not huge battles or massive space fleets facing off, but it's also not a cookie cutter story. It will make you think a little.

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One person found this helpful. Mass Market Paperback Verified download. This book was written by Tobias Buckell, who does a good job with the existing Halo universe, but is not as engaging as some of the other Halo writers like Nylund. That being said, this was an enjoyable look into the events leading up to the action seen in the Halo games.

The story revolves around Lt.

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This is a well thought out story that only suffers from Buckell attempting to show too much of the insights into the personalities of all of the players. The attention to detail was notable, but it also took me a lot longer to read this book than any of the others because it just didn't draw me in right away.

This is a good read for fans of Halo who want even more background story. Recommended CFH.

Halo: The Fall of Reach

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Book 21 of HALO. Trade Paperback. Price may vary by retailer. Add to Cart Add to Cart. About The Book. About The Author.

The Thursday War is the riveting new sequel in the New York Times bestselling Kilo-Five trilogy, based on the popular gaming franchise. Welcome to humanity's new war: Primordium dives back into the Forerunner saga. The Covenant has collapsed after a long, brutal war that saw billions slaughtered on Earth and her colonies. For the first time in decades, however, peace finally seems possible.

But though the fighting's The Spartan-II program has gone public.Its purpose: This is a good read for fans of Halo who want even more background story.

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This is an excellent story and it is a good book to have in your Halo Sci-Fi library. He surmises that the Spartans are deep in enemy territory trying to protect the same navigation data that he was just fighting to protect.

The characters have grown up in these books and you can really empathize with the hard decisions they have to make, but with the speed they make them after years and years of training. Book 6.

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