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An epilogue assesses the impact of the recent civil war on the state of the monuments, and strategies for their resurrection, with plentiful references and web links. Hisada, Ancient West Asian civilization: Clash of Civilizations - Europe - Asia - West Asia - 10th millenium BC - 1st millenium BC - West Asian Civilisations - Middle East - Eurocentric - agriculture - metallurgy - archaeology - philology - climate - geology - wheat cultivation - animal domestication - metallurgy - urbanisation - writing - religious traditions - cultural heritage - common background.

This book explores aspects of the ancient civilization in West Asia, which has had a great impact on modern human society—agriculture, metallurgy, cities, writing, regional states, and monotheism, all of which appeared first in West Asia during the tenth to first millennia BC. The editors specifically use the term "West Asia" since the "Middle East" is seen as an Eurocentric term. By using this term, the book hopes to mitigate potential bias i. However, the "West Asia" region is identical to that of the narrower "Middle East," which encompasses modern Iran and Turkey from east to west and Turkey and the Arabian Peninsula from north to south.

Scrutinizing subjects such as the relations between climate, geology and human activities, the origins of wheat cultivation and animal domestication, the development of metallurgy, the birth of urbanization and writing, ancient religious traditions, as well as the treatment of cultural heritage, the book undertakes a comprehensive analysis of West Asian Civilization that provided the common background to cultures in various areas of the globe, including Europe and Asia.

These contributions will attempt to demonstrate a fresh vision which emphasizes the common cultural origin between Europe and West Asia, standing in opposition to the global antagonism symbolized by the theory of "Clash of Civilizations. Aryans - migration - nomads - Persians - Iranians - Achaemenid empire - war - urbanisation - roads - irrigation - technology.

During the first and second millennia BC large numbers of nomadic people known as the Aryans migrated outwards into the Eurasian periphery from Central Asia.

One particular branch of these Aryans moved south of the Caspian Sea and became known to history as the Persians or Iranians. Their first dwellings were in an unpromisingly arid area, but from there these early settlers would go on to form one of the most powerful empires in history. The Persians tells the captivating story of this beguiling ancient civilization. The book describes the difficulties early Persians encountered and how these contributed to their unique character and the establishment of the Achaemenid Empire.

It recounts the keenly fought conflicts with the Greeks for mastery of the Eastern Mediterranean, a contest which was to dominate the geopolitics of the ancient world, and it paints a vivid picture of the many great Persian cities and their spectacular achievements: Providing an entertaining insight into the influence, traditions and history of ancient Persia, the book shows how the uniqueness of modern Iran in the Islamic world owes much to its ancient civilization.

Backed by an unparalleled military force, Sargon II outwitted and outfought powerful competitors to extend Assyrian territory and secure his throne. Under his leadership, skilled chariotry, cavalry, and infantry excelled in all types of terrain against an array of culturally diverse enemies.

Sulle ali di un angelo pdf

This book represents the first in-depth military study of the great Assyrian king. Contrary to the stereotype of the brutal Assyrian despot, Sargon applied force selectively, with deliberate economy, and as only one of several possible ways to deal with external threat or to exploit opportunity.

The Campaigns of Sargon II demonstrates how Sargon changed the geopolitical dynamics in the Near East, inspired a period of cultural florescence, established long-lasting Assyrian supremacy, and became one of the most influential kings of the ancient world.

Stepniowski, Ausgrabungen in Assur: Wohnquartiere in der Weststadt, Teil I. Assur - excavation -campaigns - - - - history - W-1 - living quarter - residential area - small objects - 7th century BC - Parthian period- architecture - graves - tombs - skeletons - grave architecture - Parthian graves - late Assyrian cuneiform archives - domestic houses - cuneiform - tablets - Neo Assyrian clay amulets - photographies - urban maps.

In der vorliegenden Arbeit wird der Abschnitt W-1 vorgestellt. Die Kleinfunde und die Tontafeln stammen aus dem 7. Die Publikation beginnt mit einer detaillierten Beschreibung der Architekturbefunde, Installationen und Artefakte aus den Kampagnen , und Kap. Es folgt eine zusammenfassende Beschreibung des Wohnquartiers und seiner Funde Kap.

Die anthropologische Auswertung beinhaltet Analysen menschlicher Skelettreste aus den Grabungsabschnitten 1—3, die in den Jahren und ausgegraben wurden Kap. Die auf den Tafeln in Umzeichnungen abgebildeten Kleinfunde Taf. Die Auswahl von Fotoaufnahmen 72—92 ist hingegen nach verschiedenen Fundgruppen geordnet.

Tigris - upper Tigris region - Anatolia - Mesopotamia - Hirbemerdon Tepe - archaeological phases - settlement - from the 4th millenium BC -material culture - history - sociocultural landscape - inhabitants - population - social structure - social groups. During the 10 years of archaeological work performed at the site 11 archaeological phases were recorded starting from the fourth millennium BC until the XIXth century AD.

This volume represents the final report on the studies of the material culture belonging to this long chronological sequence that was unearthed during the excavations and aims at allowing the interested scholars at reconstructing the history of the settlement as well as a broader sociocultural landscape that involved other social groups inhabiting the upper Tigris region as well as other Anatolian and Mesopotamian regions.

Middle Assyrian - geography - toponyms - 2nd millenium BC - historical geography. Mithilfe von elektronischer Datenverarbeitung werden die verschiedenen Datengruppen vernetzt und neue Formen der geoinformatischen und semantischen Modellierung erprobt. Luwian hieroglyphic inscriptions from the excavations , Bologna: They are presented together with an extensive catalog on the content of the texts and indexes of geographical names, names of gods and persons, as well as a list of the annual eponyms mentioned in the documents.

The texts are mainly administrative documents related to the palace. They concern deliveries of and to the palace or contracts for work and services. Therefore, the documents published here complete our information on the royal palace administration. The Amarna letters from Canaan offer us a unique glimpse of the historical and linguistic panorama of the Levant in the middle of the fourteenth century BCE.

Their evidence regarding verbs is crucial for the historical and comparative study of the Semitic languages. Proper evaluation of this evidence requires an understanding of its scribal origin and nature.

For this reason, The Verb in the Amarna Letters from Canaan addresses the historical circumstances in which the linguistic code of the letters was born and the unique characteristics of this system.

The author adduces second-language acquisition as a proper framework for understanding the development of this language by scribes who were educated in centers on the cuneiform periphery.

In this way, the book advances a novel interpretation: This vision of the linguistic system of the letters as the learners' interlanguage informs the main part of the book, which is devoted to verbal morphology and semantics. The chapter on morphology offers an overview of conjugation patterns and morphemes in terms of paradigms. Employing a variationist approach, it also analyzes the bases on which the verbal forms were constructed.


Next, the individual uses of each form are illustrated by numerous examples that provide readers with a basis for discovering alternative interpretations. The systemic view of each form and the various insights that permeate this book provide invaluable data for the historical and comparative study of the West Semitic verbal system, particularly of ancient Hebrew, Ugaritic, and Arabic.

Akkadian - love literature - amatory corpus - 3rd millenium BC - 2nd millenium BC - love - sex - Ancient Near East - translation - edition philological commentary - hymns - love incantations - refusing lover - sexual power - metaphors - lovemaking - sexual climax - anatomy - sexual organs.

More than 30 cuneiform texts including two hitherto unpublished compositions are carefully edited and translated, accompanied by a thorough philological commentary: The style of the Akkadian amatory corpus and its key-metaphors and images are discussed, the way Akkadian describes lovemaking, copulation and sexual climax is presented, and the terms used in Akkadian literature for sexual organs are outlined.

Parallels to other literary bodies of ancient love lyrics can also be found. Editore Ulrico Hoepli, Basato su una solida impostazione scientifica e una consolidata esperienza di insegnamento, questo volume presenta per la prima volta in Italia a un pubblico vasto la grammatica di una lingua orientale ormai estinta da millenni: The Evil Eye is mentioned repeatedly throughout the Old Testament, Israel's parabiblical writings, and New Testament, with a variety of terms and expressions.

The Old Testament Greek Septuagint contains no less than fourteen text segments involving some twenty explicit references to the Evil Eye Deut At least three further texts are also likely implied references to an Evil Eye 1 Sam 2: Evil Eye belief and practice continued in the early Jesus movement.

Jesus mentions the Evil Eye on more than one occasion Matt 6: Paul makes explicit and implicit mention of the Evil Eye in his letter to the Galatians 3: Possible implicit references to the Evil Eye are also examined. The numerous references to the Evil Eye in Israel's rabbinic writings and those of postbiblical Christianity second-sixth centuries CE , together with the material evidence from this period, are examined in volume 4.

The principal goal of the annual is to reveal the inherent relationship between Assyriology, Semitics, and biblical studies—a relationship that our predecessors comprehended and fruitfully explored but that is often neglected today.

The title Babel und Bibel is intended to point to the possibility of fruitful collaboration among the three disciplines, in an effort to explore the various civilizations of the ancient Near East.

This volume includes as a major portion of its contents selected papers from the 6th Biannual Meeting of the International Association for Comparative Semitics. Deutsche Orient Gesellschaft e.

e-book Sulle ali di un angelo (Bestseller Vol. 408) (Italian Edition)

Mouton ; Libri ad Directionem missi, ; Bibliographiae: IV , ; Res Bibliographicae: He commenced a gigantic project of enlarging the city and remodelling the defenses, environs and surrounding countryside. As a result his new city-wall, while diminished by natural processes of erosion and human activity, remained conspicuous into the twenty-first century AD. The relationships between the gates and the roads through them become clearer, and it is easier to integrate the remains of urban Niniveh with the geomorphological evidence now available for the Assyrian landscape e.

The unfortunately highly fragmentary state of the inscriptions of Tiglath-pileser III, which have been recently re-edited in RINAP 1, leaves a number of unanswered, and so far unanswerable questions on this crucial phase of the Neo-Assyrian history. The present article, developed from a review of the RINAP volume, simply attempts to figure out how the message of the inscriptions can be framed in the communicative context of the time.

Stratigraphy, Architecture, Material Culture , Rome: After 20 years of research and excavation conducted by the Italian Mission to Oman, the ancient South Arabian port of Sumhuram, located along the southern coast of the Arabian Peninsula in the Omani Governorate of Dhofar, is known in many of its aspects.

The impressive surrounding walls encircle a town that included market places, stores, dwelling quarters, monumental buildings and temples. This book presents the precise report of the excavation of a small shrine located in the centre of the town, inside the residential quarter, and discusses its diachronic evolution which suggests a phasing that mirrors all the different periods of the city life.

The artifacts discovered during the excavation are illustrated, both in relation with their stratigraphic context and in a separated catalogue. A fruitful interaction between the South Arabian tradition and an indigenous substratum is reflected in these items, as well as in several architectural features. Among them, a few incense burners deserve special mention by virtue of their complex decoration and their uniqueness. The shrine, likely dedicated to the moon god Sn, was undoubtedly a relevant place for the community life throughout the more than seven hundred years of its existence, as witnessed by the great effort invested in its reconstruction.

To report this review as inappropriate, please complete this short form.

As such, the shrine was chosen as the subject of the first new publication about Sumhuram to cover the more recent, as yet unpublished, work of the Italian Mission to Oman. Dalla luce all'arca , Acireale: Vorrei partire dal principio e il principio di Genesi, lo sappiamo, riguarda la creazione del mondo.

Ho messo accanto al testo, allora, degli excursus su argomenti che richiedono una trattazione particolare, ed alla fine, un po' per completare un po' per abbellire, una piccola scelta di "fonti" per chi voglia consultarle. Stratigraphy and burial customs as well as material culture allow to draw comparisons with sites of this period.

They additionally indicate a strong cultural continuity with the PPNB period. The investigations on the site were stopped by the international crisis of the s. On the basis of the last excavations conducted on the site by a French team, we discuss here this chronological attribution. The issue remains hard to solve because of the nature of the documentation.

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However, an early date beginning of the Pottery Neolithic appears to be the only possibility for opening a wider debate on the neolithization of the Mesopotamian alluvial plain. Scattered elements are collected here in order to suggest the possibility of a local phenomenon. Late Chalcolithic sealing images and the challenges of urbanism in 4th millenium Mesopotamia, in: Tell Brak - Northeast Syria - seals - sealings - glyptic - vulture - symbolism - rubbish disposal - problems - early urbanism - waste-eating - Chalcolithic Age - urbanism - 4th millenium - Mesopotamia.

This major demographic, social and economic change was accompanied by an explosion of artistic creativity, expressed as greater diversity and complexity of glyptic arts. LC container sealings recently excavated from Tell Brak in Northeast Syria include a significant number of images incorporating vultures. This article explores the use of the vulture motif in the region during the 4th millenium urban expansion and asks why a bird with such strong potential for negative perceptions was presented as an elegant and widely embraced symbol.

Bo Bo , Wiesbaden: Early Dynastic period - Old Akkadian period - Old Babylonian period - Late Babylonian period - Babylonian mathematical texts - Umma - Babylon - Uruk - Sippar - mathematics - arithmetics - metro-mathematics - numerical algorithms - mathematical exercises - oldest mathematical exercises - metric algebra problems - exercises - calculation - triangle - rectangle - square - reciprocals - lists - tables - labyrinth.

This monograph presents in great detail a large number of both unpublished and previously published Babylonian mathematical texts in the cuneiform script. A table of reciprocals from the end of the third millennium BC, differing radically from well-documented but younger tables of reciprocals from the Neo-Sumerian and Old-Babylonian periods, as well as a fragment of a Neo-Sumerian clay tablet showing a new type of a labyrinth are also discussed.

The material is presented in the form of photos, hand copies, transliterations and translations, accompanied by exhaustive explanations.

The previously unpublished mathematical cuneiform texts presented in this book were discovered by Farouk Al-Rawi, who also made numerous beautiful hand copies of most of the clay tablets. Seleucid Babylonia - Hellenistic seals - Hellenistic period - seals - sealing practices - motifs - glyptic - iconography - ring-bullae - Mesopotamia - clay sealings - photographies - drawings.

Catalogue of the Babylonian Collections at Yale, col. Drawings, photographs and analysis of hundreds of clay sealings from the Hellenistic period from Seleucid Babylonian.

Includes a discussion of archival and sealing practices as well as motifs of the sealings on ring-bullae and other media. Persepolis - Persian empire - Ionia - Ionian satrapy - deportation - architecture - Greek sculpture - statues - maps - plans - illustrations - Darius I - throne room - Apadana - tribute bearers - Gate of All Nations - comparison - Athenian culture - Acropolis of Athens - Panathenaic Games - Athenian democracy - Persian authoritarianism - photography - restorations.

Louvre - Louvre collection - overview - Mesopotamian history - pottery - irrigation - statues - seals - development of script - urbanisation - kingdoms - cities. Zahlreiche Workshops und Konferenzen sind organisiert worden. University of Toronto Press, Babylon - Bible - metaphor - political metaphor - classical reception - medieval reception - medieval Christianity - modern reception - adaption - apocalyptic fiction - influence of biblical paradigms.

Babylon under Western Eyes examines the mythic legacy of ancient Babylon, the Near Eastern city which has served western culture as a metaphor for power, luxury, and exotic magnificence for more than two thousand years. Levy, Framing archaeology in the Near East: This volume presents a series of studies by scholars working in Middle Eastern archaeology who actively apply social theory to interpret their fieldwork.

It aims to highlight the value of using social theory in the interpretation of field work in a region where, traditionally, such approaches have not played a major role. There are a number of factors that account for why social theory is often under-exploited by archaeologists in this part of the world.

In many countries, where large numbers of the foreign archaeologists are involved, a division between those doing fieldwork and those undertaking archaeological interpretation can easily arise.

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Power by Jeph Loeb. Levy, Framing archaeology in the Near East: Aryans - migration - nomads - Persians - Iranians - Achaemenid empire - war - urbanisation - roads - irrigation - technology.

Per la lettura di un libro elettronico sono necessari diversi componenti: il documento elettronico di partenza o e-text, in un formato elettronico ebook format come ad esempio l'ePub o altri formati; un software di lettura compatibile con tale formato Divx-Italia ; DivX DvDRiP 01; Pack: Dim.

Hisada, Ancient West Asian civilization:

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