MASTER OF THE GAME. SIDNEY SHELDON. Copyright © by Sheldon Master Robert." Robert squeezed his great-grandmother's hand, stood up and. Kate Blackwell is the symbol of success—a beautiful woman who has parlayed her inheritance into an international conglomerate. Now, celebrating her 90th bi. Master of the Game is a novel by Sidney Sheldon, first published in hardback format in . Sheldon, Sidney (April ). Master Of The Game. HarperCollins. ^ "The New York Times Best Seller List - Fiction: September 5, " (PDF).

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Read Master of the Game online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile . Master of the Game is a Thriller novel by Sidney Sheldon. Download the modern classic on spiritual activism The Master Game By Robert S . de Ropp here as a free pdf public domain ebook. Master of the Game. She is the symbol of success, the beautiful woman who parlayed her inheritance into an international conglomerate. Winner of a unique.

At the beginning of World War I, Kate capitalizes on the war by planning to sell bullets and weapons, but is stopped by Blackwell, who is against it. He begins to realize Kate's obsession with the company, and enlists for the war and is gone for four years.

Kate decides to push through with her idea when she sees the opportunity being wasted, and when David arrives, he is annoyed by Kate's actions. Kate becomes pregnant, and she realizes her own obsession when she is happier about good news about the company than a married life with David and their upcoming son.

Two months before the baby's birth, David is killed in a mine explosion and Kate gives birth to Anthony "Tony" Blackwell. With no one to stop her, Kate pours all her attention to Kruger-Brent and makes it a global success. She is a demanding mother to her son, expecting nothing but the best from him, but is disappointed to see that he stutters in her presence and would rather go into art than business. During an exhibit, Kate pays-off a renowned French critic to bash Tony's work, despite his honest opinion that Tony could have been successful, in order to end Tony's career and push him to take over the business.

Tony eventually finds out that Dominique is a model from one of Kruger-Brent's agencies and has been spying on him for his mother, and Tony gains the courage to stand up against her and leave.

Kate manipulates Tony into marrying Marianne Hoffman, as she wants both Marianne's father's patents and a grandchild who can take over the company since Tony will not. She pushes Marianne to carry out her pregnancy despite warnings from her doctor that her health makes it unsafe to bear children, and Marianne dies giving birth to twin daughters. Tony learns of Marianne's health issues and how his mother persuaded her to carry out the pregnancy and, after bumping into Dominique and her boyfriend, that his mother was responsible for the end of his career, Tony goes insane and tries to kill Kate, but misses.

He is lobotomized and sent to an asylum, while Kate takes care of both the company and her granddaughters, Eve and Alexandra. Eve, the older twin, is manipulative and evil, and despises Alexandra, whom she sees as an interloper, and tries to kill her several times.

Kate decides to name Eve heir to Kruger-Brent for her Kate-like personality while Alexandra, clumsy but kind-hearted, will receive the charity foundations and will live a comfortably wealthy life.

Kate eventually finds out about Eve's evil nature and disinherits her, quietly but obviously turning to Alexandra as her heir.

Eve meets George Mellis during a party, and after getting raped by him, she digs into his past and finds out that they share similar backgrounds, and they plot to have Alexandra marry Mellis and then kill her, leaving George the heir of Kruger-Brent.

Eve helps Mellis win Alexandra's love and Kate's approval, and they marry. One night, Eve taunts Mellis to the point that he assaults her.

She recovers without any scars due to the work of talented surgeon Keith Webster. Kate reconciles with Eve after hearing about her, and restores Eve to her will. Eve realizes that Alexandra's death will put her under her grandmother's suspicion and begs Mellis not to continue.

However, Mellis wants to inherit Alexandra's share and goes on with a honeymoon ploy in a private yacht, where he intends to push Alexandra overboard and kill her. Eve hastily stops the plan by delaying Alexandra and posing as her sister to kill Mellis, but when the police find his body stabbed to death before drowning they suspect Eve to be responsible for Mellis' death.

Keith realizes the truth when Dr.

master of the game

Peter Templeton, a psychiatrist Eve visited under the guise of a suicidal Alexandra, says that Eve's distinctive feature was a scar from her head from her assault. Keith threatens to confess to the police if she doesn't marry him, and although Eve marries him, she cheats on him openly with a younger man. With Keith's silence and Kate's decision to lie for her so Eve can be punished in Kate's terms, Eve is acquitted.

However, Keith deliberately destroys her face during a laugh line removal procedure, making Eve devoted to Keith in fear that he will leave her and she will be alone, and Kate decides that that will be Eve's punishment. Meanwhile, Alexandra marries Dr.

Templeton and they have a son named Robert. The book closes after Kate's ninetieth birthday party with all her relatives present. Robert, now eight, is turning into a talented pianist.

She tries to meddle with Robert's future, but is rebuffed by Peter. Kate relents, but offers to introduce him to a renowned musician Zubin Mehta , leaving the reader to wonder whether Kate will repeat her mistake on Tony's career. Master of the Game debuted at 9 on the New York Times Best Seller List , [12] spent four weeks at number one, [2] eight weeks at 2, [13] and remained on the list itself for a total of 38 weeks.

In critical reviewing, The New York Review of Books stated that the book was "compulsively readable", and praised the author by saying "Any writer who can get his audience to ask breathlessly, 'What next? In Master of the Game he has outdone even himself".

The business of sexual union is depicted with curious, witless brevity" [20] The New York Times disagreed, stating that "If your reading taste runs to rape, sodomy, homosexuality, and numerous other fleshy diversions, be assured; Mr. Sheldon has something for you. In the business of creating hard-to-put-down bestsellers, Sidney Sheldon is indeed the master of the game. The Los Angeles Times concludes the book review with "This book is really a number of silly little stories strung loosely together like 'schlenters' fools diamonds about to fall off a string of dental floss.

Master of the Game novel Master of the Game.

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Master of the Game. William Morrow and Co. October 3, " PDF. Retrieved March 12, The novel revolves around four generations of the empire's rise and Kate's dedication to the conglomerate. Kate's father, Jamie McGregor, leaves Scotland for Klipdrift, South Africa to find his fortune in the growing diamond trade of the s.

He is swindled and left for dead by merchant Salomon van der Merwe but is saved by Banda, van der Merwe's servant, and they steal millions' worth of diamonds in a dangerous heist.

An unrecognizable Jamie returns to Klipdrift under a new name and impregnates Margaret, van der Merwe's daughter, for revenge, revealing his true identity to everyone after announcing Margaret's impregnation to the supposedly moral and religious town, shaming the very religious van der Merwe. Jamie's wealth and business helps the town thrive. Jamie secretly takes control of the local bank and ruins van der Merwe financially, driving the latter to kill himself.

Margaret gives birth to a son, and after leaving the baby on Jamie's doorstep after trying to reconnect with him, Jamie grows to love Jamie Jr. One night Jamie drunkenly mistakes his wife for his mistress, which results in Kate's birth.

News of this causes Jamie to have a stroke, leaving him helpless in the care of Margaret, who runs Kruger-Brent with Jamie's right-hand man, David Blackwell.

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While captured during the Boer War, Kate realizes the need for power so she will never feel helpless again. Kate grows up stubborn and obsessively in love with David, who is about 20 years older, but after her mother's death becomes serious about running the company and goes to business school. Upon her return, she learns of David's engagement to a woman whose family wants him to leave Kruger-Brent and run their company. Kate manipulates David into breaking off his engagement and eventually they marry.

During World War I, Kate sees an opportunity to manufacture weapons. David is against it and stops her, but when he enlists for the war, she starts production, which causes a strain in their marriage upon his return.

She becomes pregnant with his child but also begins to realize her obsession with Kruger-Brent and wonders if the company is becoming more important to her than her marriage. David is killed in an explosion in one of the company's mines, causing Kate to prematurely give birth to Anthony "Tony" Blackwell.

Kate makes Kruger-Brent a global success, though her demanding nature causes Tony to stutter in her presence. Tony opts for an art career and goes to an art school in France.

He shows promise, but Kate pays a critic to negatively criticize Tony's work, leading him to give up his art and join Kruger-Brent. While working, he learns that Dominique, his French girlfriend, was actually a model working under one of Kruger-Brent's smaller companies and was paid by his mother to spy on him, and he gains the courage to cut Kate out of his life. Kate uses his hatred of her to manipulate him into marrying Marianne Hoffman so Kate can obtain the Hoffman electronics empire as well as grandchildren to inherit the company.

Despite warnings from Marianne's doctor about her health, Kate persuades her to have children, and she dies giving birth to twins. Tony learns of how his mother persuaded Marianne to carry out the pregnancy at the same time Dominique reveals his mother was responsible for the end of his art career.

Tony goes insane and tries to kill Kate to "save her" from the company. He does not fatally wound her, and he is lobotomized and sent to an asylum while Kate takes care of both the company and her granddaughters, Eve and Alexandra.

Eve, the older twin, is manipulative, evil, and despises Alexandra, a trusting and sweet girl.

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Eve has secretly attempted to kill Alexandra several times.Cutting costs, save more, find a way to save on taxes or.. He is lobotomized and sent to an asylum, while Kate takes care of both the company and her granddaughters, Eve and Alexandra.

Absolute financial freedom: you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, within reason. Works by Sidney Sheldon.

Lesson 2: Show yourself you can reach financial freedom by picking one of five goals.

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