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To achieve it, look at this blog post: Export table as XML file in ADF. With some changes, we will be able to export table as a PDF file. Amiga Disk File (ADF) is a file format used by Amiga computers and emulators to store images .; ^ ; ^ "Formatted Disk Image (FDI) File Format Version Description" (PDF). Read the full file description and the programs to open ADF files in minutes. To convert ADF to TIFF, JPEG, PDF, BMP, PNG use Total GIS Converter.

We will use XSQL here. XSQL consists of two parts. First of all, there is a taglib that provides several tags in the xsql namespace. In order to follow the steps as lined out in this article, start up JDeveloper In the Categories pane left side expand General and select Projects.

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Then, in the Items pane right side select Web Project. The next thing to do is to create an XSQL file. Then expand General and select XML in the left pane. Follow the steps in the wizard to setup the database connection and make sure it connects to the HR scheme.

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In the wizard that follows, leave all defaults as they are except for two. First of all, make sure to select the HR database connection. Next, enter this SQL query:. A simple style sheet to format the XML can be found here.

Next, modify the depstats. Next, restart OC4J and see the stylesheet in action. Personally, I am not a big fan of having an SQL query in my web pages.

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I think most people will agree with me that keeping data management and data presentation separate is a very good idea. In the Items pane to the right select Business Components Project.

Make sure the HR scheme is selected and click Next. In Step 1 of 5 enter a default package if you like and click Finish. Select View Object in the right panel and click OK. A popup is shown that the ViewObject has been modified to be in expert mode, which is fine by us.

In order to do so, click the View Object and then the blue arrow button in the middle of the Application Module Editor window.

Now we will expose the View Object to our xsql page. Also make sure the connection property of the page tag has been removed.

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In short, the code should look like in the image below. This will start a wizard that allows you to select the View Object that you would like to fetch data from. In the end, your xsql page should look like this. Moreover, the columns in the View Object have different names. The adjusted XSQL file can be found here.

When you are finished selecting file settings, click OK. Epson Scan scans your page and displays this window. If you want to scan more pages, click Add page and reset the documents on the document table or ADF and click Scan.

Repeat this step if necessary. When you are finished, click Edit page and go to step Note: Repeating this step, you can scan up to pages of a document at a time. You see the Editing Page window displaying thumbnail images of each scanned page.

The Editing Page window displays thumbnails of each scanned page. You can use the tools below the Editing Page window to select, rotate, reorder, and delete pages in your document. Click the Help button for details. If you want to include all the document pages in your PDF file as they currently look, go to step If you do not need to include some of the pages, click the odd pages or even pages icons, or click the individual pages you do not need.

Then click the delete icon to delete them. If you want to rotate pages, click the pages or use the odd pages, all pages icon to select the pages.

Export table as a PDF file in ADF

Then click the left or right rotate icon to rotate them.If you need to know how to do that, refer to the post mentioned earlier. You are at: I have tried this, it works great! Now I will use this to make sure that I invoke the servlet every time I open the popup containing the iframe.

Place your first document page on top of the rest of the pages, then load the entire document up to 30 pages into the ADF. Make sure the HR scheme is selected and click Next.

Linkedin In one of my previous posts I showed how to use ADF popup components to display external content such as webpages like wikipedia in an inline frame.

Now I will use this to make sure that I invoke the servlet every time I open the popup containing the iframe. Most Amiga programs were distributed on double-density floppy disks. Next, enter this SQL query:.

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